hindi documenatary on uttarakhand - devbhoomi - simply heaven - save mother nature - village life of uttarakhand - must watch documentary

So many documentaries and film made on kedarnath tragedy but nobody want to see the beauty of uttarakhand nature. Nature have strength to fulfill the need of human but nature unable to fulfill human greed. Today, people of uttarakhand shift to cities and leave their villages for better lifestyle. Now they want to live a standard life but they forgot their culture, language and even now they are going to forget themselves. Now in DevBhoomi, Hindus God & Goddess exists but people not. Why people leave their home? It is a serious question for save our thoousanad of years culture, state or our politicians. "Why" This single word contain so many meanings. Now, we have time to save our villages, culture and home. Once all people of uttarakhand move to cities then its impossible to restablish uttarakhand villages and may be villages will be restablished then its impossible, culture will be reborn. Its just not a documentary, it is a movement to save mother nature. See this hindi documentary on uttarakhand nature, life. If you also want to save devbhoomi and mother nature, please subscribe their youtube channel.

Uttarakhand Documentary: https://youtu.be/tHcFp4a4P-M

[Screenshots from Documentary of Uttarakhand]